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A must-have masterpiece
Luxury cult
Independent design

DITA has a cult like following and is a must-have masterpiece for many celebrities around the world, wearing DITA makes you a category of one.

Founded in Los Angeles since 1995, DITA has created a discreet luxury through innovative technology.

Taking months from conception to production. Creating a single frame can take as many as 350 separate production steps over 8 months with craftsmanship.

All frames are finished in Japan. Because the level of DITA detail requires the utmost level of quality, and that quality is found in Japan.

Main material:
Titanium, acetate


Pleasant fitting
Experienced design
Completely timeless style

Bridging multiple generations of experienced design and craftsmanship to deliver superlative and completely timeless eyewear.

Mr.Leight is a collaboration between father and son. Larry Leight, founder of Oliver Peoples and Garrett Leight, owner of Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO).

Made with only finest, most resilient materials, and handcrafted process to ensure that each pair of Mr.Leight frames is a perfect piece with pleasant fitting on your face.

Designed in California, with love. Made in Japan, with care.

Main material:
Titanium, acetate


Aesthetic lightweight
Patented spiral hinge
German modernity

Founed in Berlin in 2003, MYKITA HAUS is the modern manufactory with combination of specialized craftsmanship and new technologies.

An openly displayed and patented spiral hinge is a hallmark of MYKITA frames. Lightweight medical grade quality and recycled stainless steel, Mylon, and acetate are well built for each frame.

Wide range of collections from award winning designs, timeless classic, or designer collaboration are aesthetic, functional, durable, and handcrafted with high technology in MYKITA HAUS Germany.

Main material:
Stainless steel sheet, Mylon, acetate

11,900 - 20,000

Frame price (Baht)

Eyevan 7285

State of art
Delicate detail
Genuine Japanese vintage

Japanese vintage since 1972 with world debut in 1985. Still we can see Japan’s genuine craftsmanship, delicate detail, and creativity of those days in each frame.

Made of lightweight titanium and Japanese acetate by the skillful craftsmen one by one in Sabae, Fukui.

Eyevan 7285 may look simple at first glance. However, they are actually artful and more like piece art works than industrial products.

Main material:
Titanium, acetate

DITA Lancier

Functional durability
Simple luxury
Everyday adventure

DITA-Lancier comes in a variety of timeless shapes designed for a classic, function, and durability.

Still DITA luxury heredity with simple coin-pressed detail on titanium.

A bit more thoughtful for function, with the soft-touch, anti-slip rubber nose pad, and universal temple tips. These reduce slippage while maintaining comfort for your everyday adventure.

Handmade in Japan.

Main material:
Titanium, acetate

DITA Lancier sunglasses

Rule the road ahead with Land lenses
Navigate the clarity with Sea lenses
Own the altitude with Air lenses

Advanced lens technology to conquer the Land, Sea, Air

All DITA Lancier sunglasses lenses dramatically reduce glare, enhance contrast and color with fully retaining natural depth perception and visual precision.

Main material:
Titanium, acetate

Oliver Peoples

Never a trend, Always in style
Attention to detail
Los Angeles heritage

Product is the core of the Oliver Peoples since 1987. OP holds craftsmanship and attention to product details to the greatest importance, while always takes pride in Los Angeles heritage and associated lifestyle.

The artisans in Italy and Japan have perfected these crafts for OP. Careful detail attention is paid to each frame: every pin, plaque, hinge, are applied by hand to create a superior eyewear product.

For Oliver Peoples… there is never a trend, always in style.

Main material:
Titanium, acetate, metal

3,690 - 12,000

Frame price (Baht)

Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO)

New age
California vibe

Founded in California 2010. Fueled by a group of young, passionate purveyors of eyewear, to create the classic contemporary designs combining with craftsmanship.

Subtle detail and technical features are carefully considered for fit, proportion, and comfort to guarantee the GLCO value in both quality and style.

Ethically manufactured at a fair price without sacrificing quality; this is why GLCO is proud to be made in China.

Main material:
Stainless steel, metal, acetate


Legendary & Legacy
Classic look
NYC since 1915

The Moscot legacy began when Hyman Moscot, the 1st generation, sold eyeglasses from a pushcart in New York City in 1915. Nowadays, the 5th gen, Zack Moscot, has come on board to join the family business.

Moscot remains the classic look and legend of NYC. Every Moscot eyewear is handmade, using the quality materials, real hardware, and hinges that are riveted through the temple and frames fronts to ensure the sturdiest construction possible.

Designed and prototyped in NYC, handmade in China.

Main material:
Acetate, metal

Aroon Eyewear

Robust & Functional
Long warranty
Thai screwless eyewear

If you are looking for the robust and functional frame, Aroon eyewear is the suitable one. Mainly made of lightweight stainless steel and acetate. The screwless hinge is exceptionally flexible and can be extended almost 180 degree.

Based in Thailand since 2019, Aroon eyewear is trustworthy for the durability with 5-year quality warranty.

The pride of Thailand, handmade in Taiwan.

Main material:
Stainless steel sheet, acetate

Caesar flip II

Easy and convenience
Japan polarized lens

Made from lightweight stainless steel, Caesar-flip II clip-on provides you the convenience and flip-able clip on for any prescribed eyeglasses.

Many lens color and shades are widely available to suit each individual needs, all come in high quality polarized lens.

Made in Japan

Main material:
Stainless steel

Paul Frank

Julius, the monkey

Most of us can recognize Julius, popular Paul Frank smiling monkey logo, that appears in many of PF items from clothes, bags, wallets to eyewear.

Paul Frank eyewear reflects vivid fun and youthfulness, as Julius do.

Began in Huntington Beach, California in 1995. Cheerfully made in China.

Main material:
Metal, acetate

Starting price

Single lens Aspheric design (Age <40) 5,250 3,500 -
Accommodation Assist lens 15,900 8,700 -
Office lens (Age 40+) 13,000 9,900 -
Progressive lens (Age 40+) 11,400 10,800 8,700

Len price (Baht)

Starting price

Single lens
Aspheric design
(Age <40)

Len price (Baht)

Starting price

Accommodation Assist lens

Len price (Baht)

Starting price

Office lens
(Age 40+)

Len price (Baht)

Starting price

Progressive lens
(Age 40+)

Len price (Baht)


Biometric Intelligent Glasses
Visual comfort and high clarity
German engineering
3-year quality warranty

As a medical technology company and major manufacturer of spectacle lenses, Rodenstock stands for German engineering of the highest quality.

Rodenstock lenses enable people all over the world to see with the sharpest vision at every moment.


Premium precision
German quality
2-year quality warranty

ZEISS Vision Care is one of the world's leading manufacturers of lenses and ophthalmic instruments. Good visual field, proper optics, and optical technology are given in every Zeiss lens.